The McElroy DataLogger is used to record and document key parameters of the fusion process. This cost-effective device can be used to verify that proper fusion procedures have been followed prior to installation.

The DataLogger unit consists of a rugged handheld computer that serves as the recording device connected to a data collection device that records the heater temperature and fusion pressure profile over time. All data is recorded and transmitted to the handheld computer where the joint report can be stored, viewed, printed or transferred to a desktop computer for archiving.

DataLogger® 5

  • FusionGuide which provides the user with a visual graphical interpretation 
  • Multilingual Support
  • Supports many fusion standards
  • Supports butt fusion, sidewall fusion and dual containment fusion
  • On-screen coaching leads operator step by step to generate joint reports
  • Flexibility to use your own pyrometer
  • A GPS stamp thus making for easier and accurate location of fusion joint
  • 2D Scanner to record bar coded information on pipe and fittings
  • 5mp camera for pictures of fusion joints, jobsite, face-off and bead up
  • Upload joint data to DataLogger Vault from the field