TracStar® 900

The TracStar® 900 is mounted on independently controlled, self propelled tracks and features a wireless remote driving control. Both models are hydraulically powered to assist all fusion functions, including the operation of the jaws, pipe lifts, heater and facer. The machines allow for butt fusion of most fittings without special holders or removal of outer jaw. Mitered inserts are available for fabricating ells.

The Automatic TracStar 900 controls and monitors the heat, soak, fuse and cool cycles. It has a built-in datalogging feature that keeps a record of each fusion joint, which allows you to verify joint integrity.

  • Track-mounted, self-contained, self-propelled, all-terrain
  • On-board generator for powering heater and other devices
  • Carriage can be easily removed for close-quarter use
  • Also available as an Automated fusion machine
  • 4- or 3-jaw capable for improved close-quarter fusion
  • For confined spaces, can be converted to top-loading heater and facer
  • Dual Speed Tracks