Product Description

Oiltech series is a composite piping system developed for flowlines. The polyamide liner provides chemical and abrasion resistance and excellent compatibility to hydrocarbons.

Features and Benefits

  • No permeation to hydrocarbons
  • Smoothness of the ID wall
  • No paraffin build-up
  • Larger bore
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Ability to resist scale and overall toughness
  • Excellent flow properties throughout its service life
  • Easy to install

Product Application

Traditional materials are prone to rapid build up of paraffin in the pipe requiring aggressive maintenance programs. Continuous seamless Oiltech pipe runs, and the use of large smooth bore electrofusion couplings, can virtually eliminate paraffin build up and the need of hot oiling or chemical treatment by utilizing NUPI’s Oiltech pipes and fittings, substantial cuts in maintenance costs can be achieved. Featuring zero permeation to hydrocarbons, the Y100 series is the elective choice whenever environmental issues are at stake. Oiltech lines can be installed either above ground or in standard ditches 3 feet deep. Thanks to long spools and the electrofusion technology the installation time can be reduced to a minimum with outstanding savings in installation costs.