Milford Pipe & Supply has made a vibrant change that redefines the attitude and mentality of the “Supply Store”. Our full range of polyethylene pipeline products is comprehensive and complete. We strive to deliver excellent customer service through innovation and hands on understanding of our customers’ needs. We are your Complete Piping Solutions Company.

What We Offer

  • A broad, diversified product line, providing a solution for every application.
  • Your solution for all of your company's HDPE fusion and installation training. Our team of poly fusion trainers have all been Master Certified by McElroy.
  • The BEST fusion rental experience. To secure a premium rental machine and service, make sure your next rental is from Milford Pipe & Supply.
  • A turn key project or provide all the materials and work closely with a contractor to ensure the end user gets the best results possible.
  • Successfully completed installation projects in over 20 states across the United States.

Milford Fast Frac - Lay-Flat Hose

The Milford Fast Frac Lay-Flat Hose is a cost-effective and leak-free solution for the transfer of fresh and produced water.
  • 1Leak-Free

    Milford Fast Frac utilizes a groove lock coupling to ensure a leak-free connection during the water transfer process.

  • 2Durable

    Milford Fast Frac will provide the durability required to hold up to the demands of the water transfer industry.

  • 3Efficient

    1 mile of Milford Fast Frac can be deployed in 10 – 15 minutes. Milford is the only company that can provide all of the equipment necessary for rapid deployment and retrieval of the hose.

  • 4Piggable

    Both the hose and fittings are piggable. This means all of the water and any continents can be pushed out of the hose before the retrieval process.

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